Questioning life

During the last week, I’ve just been compiling some questions which I would like to share with everyone. Unfortunately, I can’t help but spining around without figuring out a specific answer.

On the other side of the fence, I really think we shouldn’t try to understand everything, owing to the fact that the vast majority of things existing in our reality can’t be described by words.

From my point of view, sometimes we try too hard to put names and labels on everything. Honestly, I am of the opinion that reality is simple, but at the same time it is rather complex to be described as something in particular. 

Sometimes I try to find the answer to questions that might not have just one. And when I think I really got the idea of whatever it is I am trying to understand, suddenly it fades away. Regardless, let’s come to the point and see the questions:

  • Why do we rely on a calendar, hours, minutes and seconds? Does that really matter?


  • Why do we get so envious about others “success”? Actually, what is success?
  • What is the meaning of life? Does it really have a meaning? Is it the wrong question?
  • Is there any point in feeling bad about being ill or about death? Why do we feel terrified of death?


  • Why do we watch TV while eating? Isn’t food important enough?
  • Why do we go biased about politics, flags and soccer teams?

soccer team

  • What will I find after death? Is there really something? Can we experience nothingness?

lost place

  • Why do I sometimes feel so inspired by music and then suddenly this inspiration disappears?


  • Why do I sometimes feel so different from others? Aren’t we the same?
  • Do I have to trust my thoughts, or just observe them? Do I have to force them towards something positive, or just let them flow through my mind?
  • Why is age so important? Do we really get old and deteriorate?

old age

  • Do I have to love everyone? Is the feeling of hate so bad? Can we hate without hurting others?


  • Why loneliness makes us feel miserable? What if I try to feel comfortable with my loneliness?


  • Why do we have to take over everything? Do we really need politicians to exert authority upon us? Don’t we really know what to do to go on living?
  • Why on earth don’t I give up fucking everything and go to live in the wild? Will my life become more exciting that way? Am I going to get killed?
  • Do we really need protection against dust, air, wind, rain, snow and so on? Aren’t all these phenomenon proofs of being alive?
  • Why do we seem to be so obsessed with the final product?


  • What can I contribute to the society? What am I here for? Do I really have to have a purpose?
  • Do I really need to be doctor, an engineer, a carpenter, a businessman or an economist? What if I’m none of these? Are people going to judge me? What if they do?


  • Why a lot of people seem to know everything?
  • Why everything has to be certainly something? Why there should be an answer for everything?
  • How can I have almost everything I want while others are still starving? How can it be possible in 2018?


  • Why do we try to control other’s life?
  • Why do I feel better or worse than others?
  • Why are we such in a hurry to do everything?
  • What is the point in being so possessive about people, goals and things? Is it this way because we fear? Are we trying to control fear this way?
  • Why do we live in an entirely closed and protected place so called “home”? Is there any point in living isolated from everyone?
  • Why does power seem to corrupt everything and break joy into pieces?


  • Why do we change so fast?
  • Do we suffer when we die?
  • Is it really true that we are 90% invisible energy? Does that make any difference to us?
  • Will I be fulfilled by writing all this? Is that going to have an impact on my life? How about other’s life? Will anyone even read all this lines?
  • Does love really exist? Is it a way of escaping the fear of being alone?


Thanks heaps for giving that small piece of writing a try.


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