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Today I feel like writing about something which seems to be one of the main causes of frustration in our society. By the way, any native English speaker should forgive me in case I make any grammar or spelling mistake.

But do not get me wrong. This is not about deleting your social media or talking trash about it. This is just a reflexion that has been useful to me and might be interesting to you, or might be not. In any case, let’s get started saying that I will try to be as precise, clear and brief as I can.

The following pictures are some of the ones you can find just scrolling down on your main instagram page.

all social media illusionmodel


Fancy cars, people partying 24/7, perfect bodies and models, luxury houses, rich people and so on. Regardless, I want to make myself clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with all that stuff.

But have you ever asked yourself…How is all that information that we get from instagram (and other social media) processed in our minds?

I did it a few times, actually, unitl I got to the following point:

  • When I look at all that pictures, I am unconsciously telling my mind that I have to work insanely hard to achieve that lifestyles, bodies, cars or whatever it is that we are paying attention to. So then, we NEED to reach that point because we have been taught that this is success. Come what may, we HAVE TO HAVE  that thing.

And then, when I lie on the bed to get some sleep and I tap on the instagram icon on my phone, I am just programming my mind. I am telling it that it has to work on autopilot the entire night so as to reach all that tempting goals.


But let me tell you this is not the way it really works. You do not have to be like all that representations if you do not want to. But we have been bamboozled by politicians, teachers, fathers and mothers… In addition, we can not blame them for anything, because we are acting like that as well.

On the other side, you see, now it looks like I am trying to get you out from all this stuff. Or rather, it looks as if I want to make your lifestyle better, or to improve something in your daily routine, as if I had some sort of a key. But I do not, actually. I am just talking about this because I love to right now, kind of I feel comfortable doing it.

instagram social media

And then, I love instagram. I love it because I can stay in touch with my friends around the world, and know about their lives. I can also keep up with the artists I like. So I have to say social media is fantastic.

But sometimes I just tend to forget that it is also a product, like bottled water, coconut oil and cigarettes. Moreover, most of these products have a disclaimer labeled on them. For instance, you can easily find on a cigarette box the warning “Smoking can cause serious damage”.

By the same means, we should also have the right to get a disclaimer from instagram and other social media which said something like: “Do not take it too seriously“.

redes sociales

Because if we do that, then we get anxious and therefore we feel trapped. Trapped owing to the fact that the only way out we see is to reach that point.

But let me tell you something. This is all a game, like the game of life. Do not take life too seriously either. But in case you do, you will probably want to compete, fight and get very nervous about everything.

So then, what I just do is play the instagram game and then I get back to reality. Because life is much simpler than all that fancy things.

Now I am going to show you a little “technique” so that you can use it every day before falling asleep.

Print yourself a picture of something which does not take you much effort or energy to achieve. Make that picture the last thing you see before going to sleep. At the end of the post, you will find the picture I chose to print.

But… Why do I do that?

Because when I first saw the picture I printed before going to sleep, I figured out I did not need any goal to work towards or to suffer for. So then, I was telling my mind that the only thing I needed to get was a peaceful mind state, which was a straightforward task.

Life, work, and everything which can be described as a concept is a game, or even better, a dance. Dance, play and do whatever you have to do with it. But then, try to get back to reality.  My reality is this state of mindful peace. I can’t touch it, can’t own it, can’t grab it hard. I just can feel it sometimes, but it is more than enough to me.

Which one is going to be your printed picture and your reality?

Feel free to write a comment below and share your own opinion.

6 respuesta a “Play the game of social media”

  1. I like your blog.. thanks for sharing.. and yeah! We shouldn’t take social media seriously….it’s only good if you take it to a positive thinking, but if you take it on a negative side? and you take it seriously?.. it will just consume you… Just go with the flow with life and enjoy, life is short.. live for the moment..i know that God has plans for all of us.. we just have to have faith in Him for i believe that everything works out for the best according to His will.. i like the idea of printing a picture to look forward to.. now i have one in my mind🙂.. thanks for this blog.. continue sharing your thoughts and tips/advices.. i like to hear more from you.. Godbless you..

    1. Very interesting the point you’ve just made. Undoubtedly this comment give me strenght to keep going and write more about things like this.
      Thank you very much Aira, really appreciate.

  2. Great post!! A healthy approach to social media and in extension to life in general.
    Many thanks for your time writing. Looking forward to reading your next post.

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